Welcome to Suultanetora! Or, more commonly know as “The Summerlands”.

Over seven hundred years ago the world was in a golden age of advanced magic and civilization. Where glistening cities rose into the sky, island fortresses floated amongst the clouds, and mighty dragons walked side by side with the younger races. It was a time of wonder, where dreams could become reality. Or nightmares….

In a sudden turn of events, a great cataclysm occurred, causing the sun to go dark and winter to sweep across the lands! The great mages of that time responded to the event, and created a magical lighthouse that shown like the sun high above the land of Suultanetora. This was to be the last safe place for life to flourish, a beacon of hope holding back the dark eternal winter until the sun’s return. However, on the eve of the 700th anniversary, the lighthouse has begun to dim, and it’s light no longer maintains the land like it used to. Brave heroes must now venture up to the top to unlock it’s mysteries, and discover how to save everyone before all are entombed in ice and darkness.

Some things to know about the Summerlands:

  • The three ruling cities of the Summerlands are each situated inside three ancient volcanoes known as the “Three Sisters”. These dwarven cities were originally chosen for their natural warmth and resources, but in turn have granted the dwarves a sense of entitlement, making them the ruling class. The cities themselves are known as Islesbury, jewel of the north sister. Erstonia, the arcane city of the south sister. And Helmfirth, the capital city, and crown of the middle sister.
  • Magic has declined, and has become more scarce. Spell casters, items, and even creatures have felt this decrease. Where once the ancient mages could reshape the very fabric of reality, now even the archmage struggles to cast advanced spells. Magic items are reserved for only the rich and lucky, or scavenged to be recycled into new items to help control the masses.
  • The area around the Summerlands where the light of the lighthouse barely reaches is known as the Twilight Boarder. Within this area lives the savages of ice, trolls, orcs, and goblins. They are constantly scavenging the outlands for things they can use to survive from the ancient world, and raiding the Summerlands for food and other resources. But never have they been so bold as to strike at the heartlands, or the three major cities themselves.
  • Beyond the Twilight Border is the Frozen Wastes. An endless ocean of ice that spans across the whole world, with only broken remnants of the old world standing like tombs amongst the glaciers. These once proud cities are now just tattered monoliths of twisted iron and steel, a pale and corrupted vision of their former glory. What vengeful spirits still roam these halls?

Summer Lands

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